Dee Dee Ginder, ICRT, RYT

Dee Dee GinderDeeDee is a Reiki Master Level Practitioner. She received her “attunements” to this healing energy in December 2000 from Robert and Debra Springfield of Collierville, TN. DeeDee also received Usui Reiki Ryoho Advanced ReikiTraining certification from the International Center for ReikiTraining, ICRT, November 2007 from TN’s Reiki Master Teacher Beth Simmons Stapor. She is most interested in assisting others, step by step, on their journey towards optimal health, wealth and self awareness. Reiki energy heals the client based on his/her intentions set prior to treatment, which is fully discussed during consultation. If you’ve not experienced this heavenly, gentle, revitalizing and extremely relaxing healing energy before, come give it a try!

Dee Dee is a certified Yoga Instructor who received her training in Memphis, TN in 2008 through Santa Monica,CA/NYC’s YogaWorks. This training consisted of 3 yoga styles – Iyengar, Astanga, & ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda). She’s been practicing yoga since 2000 and has experienced many other styles such as Anusara, Svaroopa, Bikrim, and more in continuing education workshops and classes. Her teaching focuses on empowering students by improving strength, flexibility and alignment of their outer body, creating harmony inside and out. She’s taught classes at Give Yoga in Memphis, Wise Mountain Yoga in Seymour, Green Meadows Country Clubin Alcoa, Rhama The Center of Healing Arts and Aravinda in Knoxville. Currently, she is available for private yoga sessions.

DeeDee is a graduate of WSFS – Terah Katherine Collin’s Western School of Feng Shui.Sometimes what is ailing us is directly related to discordant aspects in our home or office and they too are in need of adjustments (like our physical body) – or cures as it is known in the Feng Shui world. So, looking into the home/office picture can be of great value. Making adjustments or maybe just simply clearing out clutter has the potential to create increased wealth, better health and more self awareness. Everything is connected in the holistic world in which we live and having an effect. I have the skills and ability to see what is out of tune in your work or living space, and your body and can help you, to help yourself align and harmonize them for optimized health, vitality & happiness for better overall peace of mind.

Call or email DeeDee to schedule Private Yoga, Feng Shui, or Reiki appointment. Phone: 865-622-1533 or email