Susie Kaplar

SusieKaplarSusie is a Certified Pilates Mat Instructor who has been teaching for 5 years, and a student of pilates for 10 years. Her classes will be held on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30PM. Participants need only bring themselves, water and wear work out attire.

Susie came to Pilates after a bad fall off a large horse. She broke her pelvic bone in two spots, and the nerves in her right leg were shot – she ended up needing surgery on her back. Her talented back surgeon put 2 rods, 2 cages and 4 screws between her L4-L5 discs. Six months after surgery, he suggested that Susie take Pilates lessons. She did and and has first hand knowledge of how the practice of Pilates changed her body, strength and her life for the better.

Classes are $15 per session. Reservations are required to ensure a spot for the participant. Reservations can be made via my email at, text or call 661-803-1526.