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Acupuncture: An overview of treatment

What can I expect at my first acupuncture session?

Your practitioner will review your answers and discuss a treatment plan. You are encouraged to bring questions about your condition(s), and provide information about past treatments and procedures that you’ve tried or are using. Your first session will be a discovery session that will help your practitioner explore what challenges you face and how to create a treatment plan with acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment will begin after the discovery session has provided a diagnosis. The practitioner will place sterile disposable needles into strategic points throughout the body. You may feel a tingling, warming, numbing or radiating feeling at the point of insertion. Once the needles have been placed, you’re encouraged to completely relax for 20-30 minutes. Some patients report falling asleep during this part of the session.Other therapies that may be included are cupping, moxa (therapeutic heat) and Gua Sha (spoon massage). Acupuncture sessions will sometimes end with a brief massage. Recommendations for herbal therapy, nutritional counseling, massage and self-care is assessed at each visit. Depending on the condition, some patients find immediate relief from symptoms after a single acupuncture session – however, each body is different and your plan may include repeated treatments. Your practitioner will provide a comprehensive plan.

What’s an acupuncture treatment like?

Threadlike disposable needles are placed into the skin on strategic areas of the body to create a therapeutic response. The practitioner will ask questions about your level of comfort as a treatment session progresses. Acupuncture is safe and effectively corrects the patient’s circulation of Qi (vital life force), and enhances the patient’s ability to resolve illnesses.

How does herbology work?

Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is still widely practiced today. Depending on the condition being treated, your practitioner may provide you with an herbal formula to to support your individual healing process.

Does nutrition and self-care play a role in my treatment?

Lifestyle, exercise and nutrition are essential to health and healing. Your practitioner will assess your nutritional intake and make suggestions for a balanced diet. These suggestions are supported by self-care recommendations that will help support your treatment.

Massage and acupuncture = a complete therapeutic plan

Combining massage and acupuncture is a positive commitment to your overall well-being. Our licensed and experienced massage therapists will provide treatments based on your current physical situation and goals. Massage can be provided as a full-body treatment or to target a specific area that challenges your well-being. Our therapists are trained in many treatment styles such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, raindrop therapy and ashiatsu massage.