A Journey to Wellness with Acupuncture

A guide to well-being and good health

Health is more than living pain or illness free — it is a combination of being physically, emotionally and mentally able to embrace and engage in life. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect our health until it is compromised and our daily lives are affected. Your journey to a healthier mind and body can begin with acupuncture, nutrition, self-care and massage.

Beginning your journey to better health — Initial visits

Many of our patients start their acupuncture treatments to obtain relief from pain or discomfort and we are here to provide you with a treatment plan that provides that relief. During your initial session, your practitioner will recommend a plan that includes the frequency of treatments necessary to address the conditions.

Initially, your first sessions may be scheduled more frequently to alleviate symptoms as quickly as possible. Each session builds upon the previous by eliminating symptoms. Your practitioner may also offer herbal formulas to enhance your recovery.

Building good health

After the initial visits and if your symptoms have reduced or eliminated, we will continue to support the progress your body has made with continued treatment for secondary concerns such as chronic conditions can be addressed. Chronic conditions are due to energetic imbalances and your acupuncture treatments can help rebuild that balance. Your practitioner will suggest self-care methods such as movement, diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Feeling better – Wellness and Prevention

At this point of your treatment, your symptoms diminished and you’ve made progress with your overall well-being. To maintain your progress, periodic visits will be scheduled to assist you in maintaining your focus on your physical and emotional self as well as your immune system. The goal of this preventative care is to address and prevent small problems before they become overwhelming issues. Wellness and prevention treatment is core to assisting your body heal itself – your practitioner will aid you in identifying and treating the warning signs that may delay your journey to glowing good health.