Judson Nichols, RYT

judson_garden-namasteJudson began taking Integral Yoga classes in Athens, Georgia, in 1998. In 2006, after moving to Knoxville, he decided that the time was right to answer along g-heard calling to teach yoga to others. Judson applied and was accepted to Stephanie’s teacher training course in Asheville. For a while, he taught morning yoga classes at the Rush’s Walker Springs and Farragut locations. He also taught at Aravinda from its opening in February 2011 to its closing in May 2012.

Judson has been teaching at the Glowing Body since it opened in September 2008 and has also taught at Balanced You and the Cherokee Mills Fitness Center since July 2012.

He believes that yoga helps us become more aware of ourselves and the habits we get into that make us unwell. In the process of getting stronger, more flexible, more relaxed, and more balanced, we also become more able to let go of the things we don’t need to cling to – stresses, tensions, emotions, thoughts. . . They’re all wonderful things to have — but the accumulation of them is burdensome. By letting go of the things we don’t need, we discover ourselves more able to do what needs to be done, to be whom we need to be.

But let’s start off by figuring out how to bend at our hips! Now, keep your spine long. . .

Connect with Judson: [email protected]